Computerized Medical Records

What are computerized medical records?

These are a collection of health information of every individual. It is recorded by the use of electronic computers. The format is digital. It can be viewed in different places and health care locations. Sharing can only be done if there is a network connection. Medical records include several data like medical history, proper medication, status of immunization, test results of the laboratory, images of radiology, billing information and personal information. These are compiled and kept in the record department.

Computerized Medical Records

Technical features of computerized medical records

Digital formatting makes information that shared and used by secure networks.
It easily tracks prescriptions and results of an examination.
It has a social and technical framework that makes information run electronically on different organizations.
Information is reported to the public.
a computerized medical record is used to write and read the record of every patient. It is possible through workstation and mobile devices. It includes individual health records that are ready for consumers. There are medical record systems that monitor clinical proceedings. It is done by analyzing the data of the patient from the computerized record. This is in order for the doctor to detect, predict and prevent harmful situations.

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Electronic records are digital counterparts of patient’s medical record. These are kept in folders and files in different health care premises. These are a beneficial version of the medical record. The only difference is that computer records are kept in computers, not in papers. Instead of writing all the information of the patients in the paper, it is typed and stored on the computer.

Benefits of using computerized medical records

It will be easy for the staff to find your medical record easily. The medical staffs do not need to scan all the papers in the hospital record. As a patient, you will not wait for a long time. You will not also register new record in the hospital. Your previous record will be your permanent file.
As a patient, your record will be easily located. You need not to fill out forms and waste papers. As a human, you cannot avoid having erasures. This will only happen if you are filling out so many papers. The medical procedure goes continuously.
Doctors will give instant findings and medication. Longer times of waiting for the laboratory result are avoided. You will not go to the hospital daily just to check your results. Upon check-up, laboratory result will immediately follow. This is the benefit that technology gives.
During emergencies, a medical record is accessed easily. Records will be updated for patients having a serious illness.
Computerized medical records are free from theft. It will not be stolen because files are stored on a computer.
In case of natural disasters like floods, volcanic eruption and heavy rain, files of patients are kept on a secure place. Computers can be easily transferred into more secure place. So many papers cannot be transferred especially during rainy days. It will become wet and all the files might be damaged.
With the computerized medical record, your files are safe. The purpose of the record is to store accurate and complete patient’s information. All files are secured and can be viewed easily. Nothing works like what this system does.

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