Home Remedies for Flu

Natural Home Remedies for Flu

With nutritional home remedies for flu, it is possible to be over the worst in 48 hours or less by mixing this cocktail of herbs.

When you have the flu, it is important to boost your immune system as quickly as possible to treat the condition quickly and efficiently to beat the infection.

Swine flu is more dangerous for people with an underlying medical condition such as asthma, chronic obstructive disease (COPD), diabetes, bronchitis, heart or kidney complaint or any lung related problem in which case then your physician will recommend the annual seasonal flu shot, more particularly if you are over sixty-five years.

During an influenza infection, the body creates a fever condition naturally as your immune system works best when in a warm environment. Hence the recommendation to wrap up well when you have a cold or flu-like condition.

Immune-Boosting Herbs

There are many different herbs which you can mix as a power cocktail for an immune system boost. Dayquil and  Nyquil are consider as one of the best way to treat Flu. The most popular which are recommended by alternative practitioners as a liquid boost are:


This is the Native American snake root which later became known as ‘snake oil’ which was sold by traveling salesmen in the Wild West days. Surprisingly it did sell well because it worked, but no one at the time realized its full potential. It is an excellent tonic for upper respiratory infections, and it also increases the production of the white blood cells.

Tincture of Propolis

Tincture of Propolis

It still has more properties being antiviral, anti-bacterial and antibiotic all at the same time. Pro meaning before and polis refers to the city, a more apt translation being ‘In Defence of the City.’ Used by the bees to repel invaders of their hives by sealing all cracks in the hive and at the same time keeping their environment sterile, As propolis is also an anti-inflammatory and respiratory tract, also soothing any a sore throat or a cough. Two droppers (If you are allergic to bee stings, honey or pollen take care as it could induce an adverse reaction)


It contains allicin, a substance which contains similar immune system boosters to propolis. Chop two cloves in a blender to release the active ingredients.

Cat’s Claw

An anti-fungal, antioxidant and immune boosting herb from the Peruvian rain forest and was used for centuries by the natives of the Andes. Well known by alternative practitioners and has proved to increase immune function,
Include two droppers of the tincture.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender as a cocktail with 250 ml of tomato or organic vegetable juice and the juice of a lemon. The lemon acts as a liver cleanser to clear away the toxins produced by the infection.

The mixture should be sipped twice a day morning and evening while the flu lasts.



Now that your body is in a’ fever’ condition you will need to drink copious amounts of water both to flush the toxins from your body and of course to re-hydrate. Drink what you feel comfortable with but aim for at least 3 liters per day.


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